Sofas & Loveseats

When describing furniture, there's a bit of a parable about male and female and the status or running of the household...

Many would say that the sofa is the "King" of the living room and hence rules the house. However, the "Queen" of the living room is the Loveseat! Much more stylish and the true ruler despite a softly assumed minor role...until its business time!

Much like in real life, the formula of a great woman behind every great man has been there for all of time and still lives on in this example.

The "right" Christopher Knight Loveseat can make all the difference to your living room. Choose the perfect one that speaks to you and you will soon find it becomes your favorite place to sit...and snuggle!

The range of Christopher Knight Loveseats and Sofas are some of our very own favorite pieces! In fact, some of the older styled loveseats complete with chesterfield button finish were the original inspiration for our love of CK Home and the creation of this very site!

Great pricing combined with quality construction and durable fabrics ensure a cherished purchase with loads of appreciative comments and compliments from all who see it.