The Christopher Knight Home Story...

Christopher Knight has led a very successful life indeed!


Of course, most will know him from the adorable yet clumsy Peter from TV's The Brady Bunch however rather than rest on his laurels and enjoying the endless royalties from the show, Christopher went out and made a name for himself in the business world.


Christopher was and still is in some cases with a wide range of businesses and has become quite the entrepreneur. It is clear and easy to see however that his latest project - Christopher Knight Home - is by far his biggest, best and one that looks like he is the most passionate about.


Going back however to around about 2016 was where the idea for Christopher Knight Home first came into existence. 


Although finding out the exact names are somewhat challenging, the story goes that one of Christopher's life long friends, who he had also been in business with previously in the tech world, came together with Chris and also a furniture manufacturer and importer from LA. 


Together they decided to build a brand, not of bricks and mortar but to live and operate in the new world of online retail and E-commerce.


Between the 3 of them, they formulated and hammered out a multi-faceted business plan to be underwritten by two main factors.


The first of those two was that the brand would be associated and linked to a name. A name that had an active, public face. And a name that portrayed trust and a sense of authenticity and genuine trust. Christopher Knight had both of those in spades and therefore the choice was made!


The second is the most challenging and yet the true foundation of why Christopher Knight Home was created. Specifically it was to break down all the obstacles and challenges of buying furniture online.


Why People Don't Like Buying Furniture Online...


Buying furniture has been one of the hardest "nuts to crack" when it comes to the transition of retail products from bricks and mortar stores to the world of the online marketplace.


The reasons behind this are simple.


Buying furniture for the most part is a very thoughtful and personal experience. After all, it is the true crafting and personalization of our most special of places - our homes!


We like to see it with our own eyes!


We like to touch it with our own hands!


We want to sit on it, lay on it, recline on it, jump up and down on it!


And of course - you just can't do that online!


So what breaks down those obstacles?


Trust, reliability and openness! 


With Christopher Knights hand picked team of specialist designers and furniture veterans they set about creating a stable of products that delivered that trust and reliability.


They strived to ensure that every piece of Christopher Knight furniture was delivered exactly how it looked online. No substitutions - no surprises!


Chris and his team knew that as they crafted, sold and then delivered their online furniture to demanding customers across the globe, that the feedback and reputation would grow, as would the trust in their products and ultimately, their brand.


What the Christopher Knight Home team knows is the key to any success is that their customers ABSOLUTELY MUST be happy and satisfied with their purchase after they unwrap it, despite never seeing or touching it.


Their customers must have so much information, including relevant and identical pictures about the products they are about to buy that the whole essence of trust is what "seals the deal!"




The CK Home team take this "oath" very seriously and once you add that "NAME", it all comes together where quality meets trust. Sure, many big department stores, both online and real bricks can OFFER the same service but it is that respected name that makes all the difference.


This whole creed, ethos, call it what you will is one of the main reasons we love the Christopher Knight Home brand. That and of course the amazing furniture they continue to design and create.


Our absolute favorites here at are the incredible range of old style loveseats and chairs. Its what first caught our eye - the tufting, the buttons, the high backs and of course...the velvet!


However there is so much more to the Christopher Knight Home range. They cover all styles from Contemporary to Classic, from Casual to Elegant and pretty much everything between!


There is also a high level of integrity that is clearly evident whenever Chris speaks about really wanting the opportunity to be given a chance to not only meet, but exceed all expecatations of buying furniture online.


As it says up the top of our page, We ♥ Christopher Knight Furniture and we are sure you will love it too. Chris will look after you!