Who Is Christopher Knight?

Christopher Knight is one person that has definitely led an amazing life!


His whole life from child star to professional adult businessman has been in the public eye.


He has pursued high profile positions, in several different areas and he has been no stranger to success in a wide and diverse range of career paths. From appearance work and spin offs from his TV fame and of course, somewhat controversial private life all the way to his Christopher Knight Home brand - more on that later!


Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight as Peter Brady!


Without a doubt, most of the older generation will recognize Christopher Knight as the beloved second son of Mike Brady in TV's 1970's family sitcom, the Brady Bunch.


The show centered around the clumsy, awkward but always ever loving exploits of a "blended" family. Mike Brady and his 3 sons, together with Carol Brady nee Martin and her 3 daughters. As the saying goes... "and that's how they became the Brady Bunch!"


The original show aired for 5 seasons from 1969 to 1974 and inspired plenty of spin offs and reunions ever since.


Although never climbing the highest peaks in terms of viewers and ratings, The Brady Bunch enjoyed immense popularity and cemented their place into Pop Culture through terms such as "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"


A fan favorite, Christopher Knight played Pete Brady beautifully as that awkward but adorable teenager very protective of his sisters - except when he was annoying them!


From Child Star to Entrepreneur!


Many a child star has taken a different route after the fame of the show subsides. We hear sad tales of lost fortunes, battles with addiction and sometimes, we never hear from them again.


Christopher did the opposite and definitely used his fame and name, along with his great skills and keen eye for business to capitalize on his previous success. 


Around 1988, self confessed computer tragic Christopher, took a different path and turned his focus to the computer industry. 


Martec, Inc gave him a position as an Account Sales Manager and in less than 2 years he secured that company's very first million dollar deal. In no surprise he was also awarded Employee of the Year! In 1989, Christopher was named Vice President of Design System Marketing and Sales at New Image Industry.


Then from 1991 to 1998 he founded and worked in several projects such as 3D Graphics company - Visual Software, Kidwise Learningware, iXMicro and Eskape Labs.


It seems like everything Christopher Knight turned his hand to, apart from marital choices, turned to gold!


That brings us to what we love the very most about Chris... 

The Birth of Christopher Knight Furniture!


Christopher Knight Home

Christopher Knight Home was created in conjunction with a friend in the furniture industry who wanted a known and trusted personality to help distinguish his brand from competitors in the online furniture market.


They then combined with a number of furniture industry veterans, a lineup of talented designers and a posse of key internet marketing wizards with the goal to reinvent the way people shop for home furnishings. A key component was the idea of banishing the common concept that to buy furniture, you had to see it and touch it. Creating products that arrived exactly as you saw them online was crucial to their business success!


Knight and his partners believe the future of furniture sales is online. Online furniture sales are estimated to reach $14 billion this year, or about 15 percent of all furniture sales.


Christopher Knight Home have not only increased their range of stunning designs to suit every taste and budget but also their corporate reach with operations in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Revenues have grown by 100 percent every year in the four years since they partnered with Overstock.com, an early leader in online furniture sales. Other online sites offer Knight’s furniture include Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Newegg. The company is currently selling over 60,000 units monthly.


Christopher Knight Furniture is the Bomb!


We've mentioned several times now... we love CK Furniture!


We stand behind the whole concept Chris has from back at the company's creation which is basically:
Give customers exactly what they saw online, with an ever increasing range of quality furniture across all rooms of the house and make it great value for money too.


Its a simple concept that works - and yet sadly it is still rare for online furniture sales these days!


Above all, we were drawn to Chris Knight furniture mostly by the amazing Living Room designs and we love, Love, LOVE his old style recliners and love seats!


Enjoy our site and ultimately, enjoy the brilliant Christopher Knight Furniture range!